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New Mother

We want you to be even more happy in those initial weeks after Childbirth.
After childbirth you are happy, you are in pain, there are so many things you were not aware of, so many myths, advices that contradict.
And when you are not sure about what to do and how to do, you feel uncertain, anxious and sad. But, you don't have to be in that situation, you can change it now!

We help you learn how to prepare for your Postpartum Period so you can be even more happy in those initial days after Childbirth.
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Helping You Care for Yourself the way You Care for Your Baby
Courses created by Consulting and Collaborating with Experts in areas of Nutrition, Lactation, Dermatology, Physiotherapy, Postnatal Yoga, Psychology, Gynaecology, Obstetrics and General Medicine.
Postnatal Care of 6 Weeks (42 Days) for both the Child and the Mother
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You deserve love and care, as much as your new-born baby: because with every baby a mother is also born.

Hey, I'm Neelufer!
Founder of New Mother

I was active throughout my pregnancy and had no complications in my delivery. It was not until a few weeks later when I was hit with multiple health issues, from being perfectly normal to being overtired with a sore body, having excessive bleeding and pain, strengthlessness overpowered me, literally every part of my body ached.

I was a marathon runner, a high altitude trekker, I knew my body, I knew myself, I knew that this was not quite right, something was definitely wrong.

After a lot of research I found some answers and also realised that there was a large gap in the health care of women post-delivery. 

Today, New Mother is dedicated to sharing what I've learned, spreading awareness about the importance of Postpartum Care, teaching women how to find their own version of strength and confidence from the inside out.


Course is crisp and to the point with all what a new mom needs to know for the 4th trimester, which is the most challenging and important one for both mom and the baby.


Well structured program. Each section had its own importance. And everything was simple to read and understand. Program was knowledgeable and made my Postpartum easier. The best part was we can watch it any number of times,  and the handouts were great.


nutrition section helped a lot...could relate to the thoughts in the course even though this was my second pregnancy, superfoods section was very informative, made them at home and it helped in lactation also.

We have helped hundreds of New Mother's like you..

Hey, I'm Vidya!
Co-Founder of New Mother

I always wanted to have a child, but I did not plan for my pregnancy, and I got the chance to be a mother when I least expected it!

Motherhood changed a lot of things in me, the search for finding the solutions and making women aware of what they are in for and to let them know that they are as important as the newborn child.

I am here to share my experience and to provide solutions. I want this education program to reach as many women as possible through this movement .


For your Pregnancy and Postpartum Period

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