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Ms. Amita Mishra


Amita Mishra has been awarded the Title of “Iconic Nutritionist in Mumbai” and “101 fabulous Global Healthcare leaders of the world” 

 She holds a Masters's in Food Science and Nutrition, is a Qualified Yoga instructor, is a Certified Sports Nutritionist, and is a Zumba lover.  

Having learned Yoga she understands the role food plays on both body and mind. And knows how important it is to have a balanced and stable mind to make conscious choices in regard to food and lifestyle. 

Amita has a global clientele and operates in more than 20 countries for weight loss, disease management, and lifestyle modifications from her office in Mumbai. 

Amita holds in-depth knowledge about nutrition basics and exercise psychology and believes in educating and not restricting her clients when on a health program with her.

Personal attention and education lie her key principles to help her clients break through nutrition myths, exercise portion control, make informed choices, adopt a lifestyle change, make time for exercise, and hence stay committed to their journey through a step-by-step approach. 

Her approach is to blend the simple Traditional Household methods, to make you look at your food with Love and not guilt!

Instagram - @anushasanwithamita

Ms. Amita Mishra
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