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New Mother - Week 13

Congratulations!!! You are officially in your Second Trimester. That sounds great and I hope with all the early symptoms of pregnancy subsiding, you are feeling more energetic and happy and looking forward to doing more fun things in your pregnancy.

This is also the right time to announce your pregnancy to the world. Plan to inform your employer as well, as giving a heads up and planning to handover your work gradually - without impacting the deliverables - is a great way of showing that you care about your work.

With more and more people knowing that you are pregnant you will start receiving more and more advices as well, some may be helpful but some may be harmful myths. So it is a good idea to know about what not to eat during pregnancy.

Know everything about the Week 13 of your Pregnancy.

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Recipe of the Week

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Activity of the Week


  • Walking is the best, safe and the most simple exercise you can do.

  • It can benefit you both physically and emotionally.

  • Either a walk in the morning or an evening walk will do wonders to your health.

  • Try to avoid going for walks in the afternoons, as it may get hot and tiring.

Go for a Walk

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