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New Mother - Week 38

If you plan to breastfeed then do read - Can every woman Breastfeed?

And once you are done with learning about what Lactation is and how it really works you are all set for your breastfeeding journey ahead. The purpose of joining a course is to get the right knowledge that will in turn make you feel confident and empowered.

Here are some "Tips to soothe your breasts after delivery"

Breastfeeding is a mother's job, strictly biologically speaking. But there are ways in which your partner can support and feel involved in the initial days.

Know everything about the Week 38 of your Pregnancy.

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Recipe of the Week

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Activity of the Week


  • Your core muscles are stretched to the fullest extent possible during pregnancy. Your pelvic floor muscles are working overtime to hold the baby until time!

  • All these muscles need to be strengthened back. A pre & post-natal physiotherapist can help you with this.

Consult a pre & postnatal physiotherapist

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Do you want to be Happy and Healthy after Childbirth?
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