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New Mother - Week 8

Your body is continuously changing with your rapidly growing baby. And your breasts are one of the most sought after candidates for change 🙂

Sometimes, changes in your breasts may be pleasing and sometimes they maybe annoying but surprisingly all these changes are happening in your body right from the beginning to prepare your body for childbirth. Changes in breasts are part of the process of gearing up your body for breastfeeding. Your breasts may start to feel swollen and tender. Your nipples may stick out more than usual. Some women find that their breasts start to get bigger during this time.

Pregnancy is a time when you have to be cautious about everything you do including what you eat, where you go, and if there is something unusual and unexpected happening in your body. Read a little about the Danger signs during First Trimester so that you are better equipped to handle.

Know everything about the Week 8 of your Pregnancy.

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Recipe of the Week

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Activity of the Week


  • Yes! Read a book that you would enjoy, or that you find interesting.

  • Now is the time when you can spend some time for yourself. Utilise it well and read whatever you always wanted to read...

Read a book

We have created a list of our favourite Amazon products for you and categorised them for easy access.

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