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New Mother - Week 22 

We spoke about planning for either a Vaginal Delivery or opting for a C-section. There are also so many other things related to birth which need to be discussed and planned. There are certain conditions like say gestational diabetes which need a different level of care.

Remember that, things may always not go as planned, depending on the situation and your medical condition your OBGYN may suggest what is best for you. So it is very important to have an open mind.

Definitely, you should plan for your birth, because you have every right to do so. It is equally important to have your partner and your doctor aligned with you.

Know everything about the Week 22 of your Pregnancy.

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Recipe of the Week

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Activity of the Week


  • Do you have a favourite item that you love in your favourite restaurant.

  • Or Did you always wanted to try something at any restaurant?

  • Plan for it and visit the place! 

  • Get them to arrange for a candle light dinner if possible.

Your favourite Restaurant

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