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New Mother - Week 19

This maybe just the right time to plan for a Baby Moon 🙂

You have to accept the fact that once the baby is here, you will not be able to spend as much time with your partner as you can right now.

So utilize it to the fullest and enjoy yourselves!

Now, having a bad toothache during your baby moon is not a good idea right? Learn about the Dental problems you may face during pregnancy.

And, while you are relaxing in a lavish resort or admiring the simplicity of nature in your baby moon - try not to miss on your meditation and yoga practice. Because after all it is all about cultivating and maintaining your healthy habits during pregnancy.

Know everything about the Week 19 of your Pregnancy.

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Recipe of the Week

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Activity of the Week


  • Create a checklist for you and your baby. In fact, we have created one for you, you can get it here.

  • Think about what things you would need for yourself and the basic necessities for the baby?

  • Try to reuse stuff at home. You need not buy everything new!

Hospital Bag

We have created a list of our favourite Amazon products for you and categorised them for easy access.

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