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New Mother - Week 15 

We have been talking about joining a Prenatal Yoga Class and developing healthy eating habits during pregnancy. And, also about what not to eat during pregnancy.

This pretty much covers the physical aspects and needs.

One equally important factor in having a healthy and happy pregnancy is the health of your mind. Meditation is an awesome way to achieve it. And don't worry if you have never done it before, it is never too late to start something nice. There are different forms of meditation, like active and passive. You can choose and start practicing the one that you feel will suit you well 👍🏻

We have a nice article about 5 Healthy Habits for Pregnant Mothers, do check it out 🙂

Know everything about the Week 15 of your Pregnancy.

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Recipe of the Week

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Activity of the Week


  • Nothing is as relaxing as a good pedicure!

  • Make sure to let them know that you are pregnant if your baby bump is not yet visible.

  • Do some research and opt in for safe ingredients in the kit.

  • Relax and have a good time 😊

Get a Pedicure

We have created a list of our favourite Amazon products for you and categorised them for easy access.

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