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Who is a Friend?

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Who is a Friend?

Us women have different levels of friendship with different people. Very few make it to the top levels. We are sorted that way and we have clear boundaries to the various levels

However, with life and social media playing its interference into our free time, many of us struggle to keep up with the levels.

That friend who was once there to share your college hangouts with might no longer be available to listen to your rants about your annoying client or your second child throwing a tantrum.

You'd definitely not want that girl from your first job to know about your recent exploits for no great reason than to just not share that bond anymore...

Friendships fade either because of the timezones or because you two are in different zones altogether now,

A lot of us tend to have things to talk about but no one, in particular, to point out and share them with,

Some of us would just not want that sort of favor from another person we know,

While most of us face a similar problem in different magnitudes, it ends up being a basic supply and demand deficit of friendship availability.

Wouldn't it be nice to talk to a trusted stranger who does the job of being a friend - listens to you and yet does not judge you for your words and actions?

who is a friend?
A friend

Who is a Friend?

A Friend is someone who comes to your mind when you try to form a definition of this word

Someone whom you know will listen to you when you need venting out to

Someone whose advice you despise/ look up to because most often they tell you what is right or just that they assert the truth when you don't have the guts to accept it

Someone who'd always respond to your calls/messages/notes

Someone who'd set you right when you get aloof

Or Someone who might rather want to join in being aloof together

Someone to whom your time and presence matters

Someone with whom you can share your feelings no matter how stupid, clever, unbaked, random, irrational, OTT, or controversial they seem at that point in time or later

Someone whose silence is what you need to share

Someone whose nod you seek to feel protected and confident in times of uncertainty

Someone whose companionship makes the lamest, toughest, most confusing situations a little less jarring

Someone you'd wish to reciprocate in a similar way

Do you have that someone?


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