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Vaginal birth

Natural birth, normal birth, normal delivery all refers to vaginal birth. Normal birth/delivery can sometimes be offensive or discriminating(English is a funny language you see). Hence, it is best to stick to Vaginal delivery/birth, and that is how the child is expected to come out naturally.

What is a vaginal birth?

Vaginal birth is when the baby is birthed through a woman’s vagina. This is the natural way of birthing a child in most mammals.

It is termed natural birth because your body is in sync with nature during this process. Your baby actually knows when it is ready to come out to this world…

It may sound spiritual but think about it. If you consciously listen to your body, your body is adjusting itself to the growing baby inside the womb and the baby is communicating with your body to get what it needs.

Your baby asks and your body provides. That is how nature works!

So, when it is time or when you are due to deliver your child. If everything goes well, your baby positions itself, that is head facing down towards the vagina. This is the position that is expected the baby to be in before the labor actually begins.

Till then, maybe your baby was doing all kinds of summersaults inside your womb, that is how you can feel the movements of your baby.

Your body actually prepares for the D day and when your baby is ready, your water breaks, the countdown starts.

Ideally, after the water breaks or there might be slight spotting, the delivery happens within a few hours but this time can vary for every woman.

Your pelvic bone actually stretches for the baby to pass through, and the baby wiggles through the birthing canal. The baby knows its path and you have to just let your body listen to your baby.

A woman’s body is naturally aligned in such a way for reproduction. Her body adapts itself to accommodate the life growing inside her by undergoing so many changes.

If you are consciously aware of your body changes, you will marvel at the beauty of nature and be proud of your body as to how it constantly adapts to the changes from the time you conceive to the time the child is birthed and after that to produce food for the baby.

Survival of the baby during the initial days is completely planned by nature, and a woman’s body does it so miraculously.

Also, the physical recovery time is relatively sooner than the C-section surgery, and the onset of lactation is said to be sooner.

Though this is the natural way of birthing an offspring, there are three different ways in which a vaginal delivery can happen.

Types of vaginal delivery

  1. Spontaneous vaginal delivery (SVD) is the one that occurs when a pregnant woman goes into labor and the baby is birthed without the use of any other instruments to pull the baby out.

  2. An induced vaginal delivery is one where labor is induced by the use of medication. Meaning the medication is used to stimulate the uterine contraction before you actually go into labor and could be done due to various reasons at that point when you are due. These uterine contractions start and lead to labor pain.

  3. An assisted or instrumental vaginal delivery is one where the use of specific instruments may be required to pull the baby out. Instruments such as forceps or vacuum extractors may be used to deliver the baby vaginally if there is a need. Both spontaneous and induced delivery can be assisted.

Risks and complications of vaginal delivery

Though it is the natural form of delivery, every woman is different from the other and there may be some issues faced by her during the labor. The very reason C-section surgeries are performed is for the safety of the mother and child if there are any complications during childbirth.

There are risks in every stage of pregnancy, but still, women do get pregnant. It is a beautiful journey where another life is part of you not just in words but actually is part of you!

There is always a fear of the unknown. I feel let the risks be unknown to you till you reach the destination, else it will be difficult to cross the path. You never know the strength you possess unless you face the issue.

If there are potential risks involved, your Doctor will definitely let you know, as the safety of you and your baby are their responsibility too.


Remember, your body is naturally aligned in such a way to birth a child vaginally unless there are some complications. Prepare your mind in such a way that you are ready for anything that comes your way, and do not stress yourself.

Most importantly listen to your body and your baby.

Take care mommies!


I hope you enjoy reading.png
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