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Tips to soothe your breasts after delivery

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

After delivery, breasts are another painful part of your body that needs care.

Here are some tips which worked for me and helped me soothe the pain after every feed.

In this article, you will read about

Leaky breasts

Some women have leaky breasts during the last trimester. Though it may not be comfortable to be around people when our breasts are leaking, nothing to be embarrassed about. As your body is getting itself ready for the baby, the body is getting the food ready for the baby. Nature is so beautiful and in sync with whatever happens with your body. There are ways to handle leaky breasts and also be around people.

  • there are good cotton pads that can be fixed on the insides of bras. These pads are soft and also absorbent. Keeps you dry for quite some time depending on the leakage.

  • you can either use disposable cotton pads or reusable cotton pads. Both are good.

  • if you are not able to wear bras, then try to tie a clean cotton dupatta around your breasts.

  • Please ensure that it is not very tight. You should be able to breathe comfortably after you tie a cloth around your breasts.

  • if you are okay and comfortable, just wear a tank top, and a t-shirt and work from home or stay at home.

Breast leaking is nothing to be embarrassed about, our body is transforming wonderfully to take care of the little one when he/she comes out in the world.

Sore / cracked Nipples

This is very common during the initial days of feeding. The baby is trying to latch and is unable to due to various reasons. First-time mothers and babies may face latching issues more commonly than experienced mothers. It is completely okay if your baby is not able to latch. This does not mean, you do not know how to feed. The key factor is to ensure your baby opens its mouth completely before latching.

  • natural moisturizers are always best. Your skin is more sensitive than before, so it is good to stick to natural oils.

  • you can apply coconut oil after feeding and massage lightly in the affected area. Wipe your breasts clean before the next feed.

  • if you are able to use a moisturizer with only natural ingredients, then you can apply it after feeding and wipe your breasts clean before the next feed.

  • it is best not to apply any cream or lotion on the cracked skin. As it can cause irritation or allergies.

  • you can massage gently with your hands before and after feeding. It relaxes the breast muscles.

Note: These are tips that can be tried at home as first aid. If your nipples are bleeding, you have constant pain, you feel your nipples are hurt and you have a wound, then you have to consult your Doctor.

Breast Care

Breast care is as important as taking care of your baby. We get so occupied with taking care of the baby, that we tend to forget or ignore the care our breasts need.

Once the baby starts feeding regularly, you can feel the breasts getting fuller, and lighter before and after the feeding. Sometimes breasts harden if the milk is not out, this may cause severe pain in the breasts, and sometimes it leads to fever as well. Every cell in your body is working round the clock to ensure everything is in place and on time.

For example: if you are feeding your baby every 2 hours, then your breasts get filled every 2 hours, by chance, your baby is sleeping or you did not feed the baby for more than 2 hours for some reason, then pump the milk out by either using a breast pump or squeezing your breasts in the washroom. This helps in preventing the hardening of breasts.

  • before the bath, give a nice gentle massage to your breasts using coconut oil or any other oil which you use regularly.

  • while in the bath, take hot/warm water in a mug, cup it to your breast and give it a nice vibrant shake. Repeat it twice or thrice. This helps in loosening the muscles and relaxing the breast muscles.

  • always keep your breasts clean. This is good for you and the baby.

  • if possible take a shower twice, else you can wash your breasts, armpits, private parts, and legs once before going to sleep. Please ensure to do this in hot water and not cold water.

  • examine your breasts regularly. They are part of your body too, touch and feel if there is any pain or any kind of discomfort. If you feel anything new, then it is best to check with your Doctor.

All living beings go through changes after childbirth, we are not alone, you are not alone.

Happy Motherhood!

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Very informative article. I just want a little help . After feeding my baby from right breast. I get pain and it remains for long duration . Is it normal ??? Any remedy for it ?? Pl share. Thank you

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