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Things to ask your OBGYN

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

A search on the internet can give you loads of information, but most of the information is generic, it can give you some idea, and at the same time can overwhelm you with information.

Remember, what you read on the internet is to give you an idea, and not to be taken as it is. But reading can give you an idea and make you aware of certain things, but do not expect customized solutions on the internet.

So, the next time you are looking for answers, you need to note the questions and ask your doctor, as he/she has been talking to you in person and observing your case.

Things to ask your Ob-Gyn
Things to ask your Ob-Gyn

Here is a list of things that you can ask your OBGYN on your next visit -

Should I continue my medications?

if you have been taking some kind of medication before pregnancy, you have to let your doctor know about the same. So that, if needed she can either stop or modify the medications.

When should I contact you immediately?

There are some danger signs that you need to look out for during pregnancy, and it needs your immediate attention. Contact your doctor immediately.

Is it okay to travel during pregnancy?

If you are planning for a baby moon, then get your doctor’s approval before you plan your travel, so that you can be calm when you travel. Get safety tips from your doctor.

How can I prepare myself for natural or vaginal birth?

You can ask your doctor this during your initial visits so that you get an idea of how supportive your doctor is towards natural or vaginal delivery. Also, it helps you prepare yourself for childbirth.

How to monitor my weight gain?

If you are gaining a lot of weight, there are risks involved with the weight gain, it helps you focus on your lifestyle early and make the changes.

Talk about your family health history.

It is very important to let your doctor know about your health history. If needed, your doctor might ask you to take some tests.

Is it okay to have sex during pregnancy?

You have to ask if it is okay to have sex during pregnancy. Many doctors recommend no sex during the first trimester and later depending on the risk analysis of your pregnancy.

Is it okay to attend a prenatal class?

Get the go-ahead from your doctor to attend a prenatal class. Also let your doctor know what kind of prenatal class you are attending, like the exercises involved. Your doctor will tell you the precautionary measures needed.

Can I have a VBAC?

If you are a second-time mother, and you want to deliver your baby vaginally, then check with your doctor early if VBAC is possible for you, and ask for the details.

Make sure you make a note of points before each visit to the doctor. It helps you in remembering all the points that you want to ask or tell your doctor.

Now, that you have an idea as to what you can ask your doctor, make a note of the questions under each topic, and be clear with your questions.

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