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The first month of pregnancy

The first few days go in absorbing the fact that you are pregnant and letting your close ones know about it, and the excitement that builds up among friends & family is immense!

At the same time, some people choose not to disclose the news immediately to others. They wait for at least a month or more to share the news with everyone for various reasons.

How it all starts?

pregnancy test
pregnancy test

The first thing that happens to most women is that they miss their periods, but, you cannot consider this alone as a pregnancy sign. Women who have irregular periods cannot consider this as a sign of pregnancy.

So, how to go about it? Whether you have planned or not, if you are sexually active with your partner, it is best to take a pregnancy test at home if you do not get your periods on time.

For those women who already have irregular periods, closely watch your body changes. Pregnancy brings a lot of hormonal changes to your body. You could have severe mood swings or heightened or the same PMS(Pre menstruation symptoms) as you would have before your periods.

There are many other signs too that can indicate that you are pregnant. Taste aversions, unexplained fatigue, tender breasts, mood swings, tastebuds are behaving funny. It also sounds like covid, right?! Do not worry, any new foreign entry to your body, your body behaves a certain way. In any case, take a test at home.

What your first week looks like after your test

Mixed emotions for the woman, a little scared, a little tensed, can hear her heartbeat pounding, a slight pressure, a slight change of mindset, a slight change of priorities, though the baby could be as big as only a lemon seed, the entire world around her has suddenly changed!

Somehow the pregnancy test does not satisfy you and you want to consult a doctor almost immediately. The search starts, it is not something you can decide just like that, because it needs some planning and sometimes it becomes really difficult to find a good doctor near you!

Here are some tips to fix on a health care provider near you -

  • If you had approached a doctor for conception, if you are comfortable with the same doctor and hospital care, then you can continue with the same health care provider.

  • If you are planning to look for alternative options for any reason, then first thing is to look for doctors around where you live, make a list, look up reviews, ask your neighbors or friends if any of them consulted anyone from your list.

  • The review from people plays an important role. Ask how much time does the doctor spends with each patient. This is important, because if the place is always crowded, you may not get enough time to speak with your doctor and high chance that the doctor also is always in a hurry.

  • Not everyone leaves a review for the doctors on the internet, try to read the reviews, and not count the number of reviews. Asking your friends is another recommended option.

It is good if you are able to reach the doctor’s place within 30 - 45 mins. Beyond this is only going to make you impatient during the doctor’s visits, and you don’t want to spend your entire day in the doctor’s office!. And these days, we have good doctors everywhere, the only problem is we don’t know how to find them.

  • If you have listed 2 - 3 doctors, pay a visit to their clinic. Yes, you would have to pay separately for each doctor, but if you want to feel really comfortable with a doctor and if you were not able to decide which one to choose, now is the time to choose by visiting at least 2 - 3 doctors.

  • Sometimes you just know that this is your doctor on your first visit. You would have to ask the doctor whether he/she will be there during your childbirth. And ask which hospitals does he/she visits as a consulting doctor.

first scan
first scan

You have to also ask for natural birth options(again very important!), to know if your doctor supports natural birth. C-section surgery is major surgery and this is done if there is no option of natural birth. So, ask how you can prepare yourself for natural birth.

  • Also, look for a midwife to help you through this journey. Talking to a midwife can be more comfortable than speaking with a medical practitioner. You can check our recommendations* below.

  • If you are planning to go to your hometown during the delivery, then try not to go at the last moment. It is good if you pay a visit at the start of your third trimester and let the doctor know that you will be coming for childbirth so that appropriate steps can be taken, and it helps the doctor to understand your pregnancy a little in advance. Last-minute changes call for a lot of chaos.


Every woman has a unique experience when the pregnancy test turns positive. You cannot say it is a good or bad experience. It is an experience that most of them remember for quite a long time!

Be informed, be aware of the decisions you are about to take. One cannot know everything, that is practically not possible. Take in only as much information as you can. But do not forget yourself on this journey.

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Tell us how was it for you when you tested positive for pregnancy?


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