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Start Meditation during pregnancy

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

The word meditation has a lot of expectations, and what we feel is we can attain peace on the first go, like how they show in videos and most of us think meditation is when you sit with your eyes closed, you are lost in yourself, and you lose focus on the outside world.

To some extent, it is true. It is not about the outside world, but it is about YOU! Again it does not mean, you sit for meditation and are lost in your thoughts. It is not about losing yourself in any world, but to be very aware, and still be peaceful, and peaceful with yourself, when you close your eyes, you do not have FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out) of outwardly things.

I am not sure if that made any sense to you! But it simply means that, when you close your eyes, don't keep fluttering your eyes, or trying to half open and see what is happening outside. If you are in that state of mind, always trying to know what is happening, then it can be difficult for you to even sit silently, and leave about meditation.

Start meditation during pregnancy
Start meditation during pregnancy

How meditation can help you during pregnancy?

You might face so many situations that are completely out of your control, and you cannot change everyone around you. But there is someone with whom you have complete control, it is YOU! Your mind, body, and emotions are yours to control.

Meditation comes to play a key role when tackling any difficulties that may arise during pregnancy. It can bring relief and help you accept the various stages of your pregnancy. Enabling you to flow through this beautiful phase of your life with ease. Helping you to enjoy the reality that a new life is blossoming inside of you.

  • Meditation can make you feel aware of yourself. Your emotions, your feelings, help you in accepting them.

  • Meditation initiates a healing process and aids in the overall well-being of the baby.

  • It can also help you in your eating habits. You could be overeating because of stress too. Meditation can help you overcome this.

  • Mood swings and emotional disturbance are common during pregnancy. As the baby’s senses develop, it can sense every emotion that you undergo. It is very important that you stay happy, relaxed, and peaceful.

  • Meditation can lower your stress levels. Too much stress can elevate your cortisol levels and blood pressure. High blood pressure can have very negative effects during pregnancy, for you and your baby.

  • Deep connection with yourself, and in turn you are connecting with the baby. Mindful meditation allows you to create the space and time to sit quietly and restfully providing the ability to dive deep into connection with your baby. You might visualize your baby, hold your hands over your belly, or whisper positive affirmations.

  • It helps you face the fear. Meditation and mindfulness during pregnancy provide you with the opportunity to uncover your fears and bring awareness to your body and its capabilities, especially the birth fear.

So, how do I start meditating?

  • You can join a prenatal yoga class. Most of the prenatal yoga classes will have meditation included.

  • There is deep breathing. Where you slowly, steadily, consciously breathe slow, and deep. But not to exert yourself but to feel relaxed.

  • Progressive muscle relaxation is a technique, where you consciously relax your muscles. Even when you sit relaxed, you might be holding some of the muscles unconsciously.

  • Guided imagery or visualization technique. Where visualization is used to relax your mind.

Everyone may not feel connected to all the meditation techniques. You can try and stick to what suits you or makes you feel better.

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