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Sleeping position in pregnancy

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

During the first trimester, the sleeping position does not matter. From the second trimester, you may have to start practicing sleeping on your side. Because if you are not used to sleeping on the side, then it may get difficult during the later stages of pregnancy to adjust.

Sleeping positions in pregnancy
Sleeping positions in pregnancy

First-trimester sleeping position in pregnancy

You need not worry about sleeping position during the first trimester. As there may be many other changes your body is going through!

Sleeping position is the least of the concern, and it does not make much difference too!

You relax and make yourself comfortable while sleeping and get a night of good sleep, my dear.

Second-trimester sleeping position in pregnancy

Most nausea and fatigue start to subside by the fourth month and most mothers start feeling a lot better during this trimester. Your baby bump may slowly start to show up!

The bump may not be that big, and you might be still comfortable with the usual sleeping positions, as the baby is still too small and there is space in your uterus.

But, if you can start practicing the side-lying position while sleeping every now and then, it can be helpful during the third trimester.

You can start using pillows between your knees to give you that comfort. Suddenly changing the sleep position during the third trimester might be overwhelming for some. It is good to start practicing consciously your postures even while sleeping.

Always make it a point to turn sideways and get up. It is important to maintain good postures even during sleep during pregnancy.

If you have heartburn or acidity, take support of two pillows if needed, to keep your head a little elevated.

If you have a kid, then make sure you are keeping a pillow in front of your tummy so that your tummy is protected, and you can get a good sleep without having to worry much.

Third-trimester sleeping positions in pregnancy

Side-lying position can not only help you now, but it can also help you during your breastfeeding journey.

As your baby bump grows, sleeping can become a difficult task. Make use of pillows to make yourself comfortable.

You can use either normal pillows or pregnancy pillows. Heartburn can increase during the third trimester, and it is better to keep your head elevated while sleeping.

Sleeping position is more on how you go to sleep, than what your position is at night. So it is okay if you find yourself lying on your back once in a while. You can keep a pillow near your back to prevent you from turning.

Tips to sleep better during pregnancy

  • Setting up a routine can help you a lot. Going to sleep at the same time every day can put you to sleep early and also prepares the body for rest.

  • Try and maintain your meal time. Especially the dinner, because there are chances of heartburn or acidity during the third trimester of pregnancy, and maintaining a gap of 2 hours after dinner can help reduce acidity.

  • Do not drink too much water before going to sleep. It may increase the number of bathroom visits that you may be already going through.

  • Do not work till you go to sleep. Set a time even for work, so that you can relax for some time before sleeping.

  • Avoid working out in the late evenings. Too much exertion is not recommended during pregnancy. Opt for meditation or breathing practices during the evenings.

  • Do not stress yourself a lot if you found yourself sleeping straight in the middle of the night. You can simply turn to your side and go back to sleep.

  • Avoid using phones in the dark, as it may hinder your sleep. The light from the phone can disturb your sleep cycle.

  • Avoid caffeine in the late evenings. This can cause disturbance in your sleep.

  • If you already face acidity issues, it is best to keep it light during dinner. If you are hungry at night, again keep it light. Avoid eating heavy foods that are difficult to digest, as this can actually aggravate your problem.


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