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Postpartum belly belt

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

A postpartum belt is not going to burn your fat! You cannot reduce your weight or tummy by only wearing a postpartum belt.

Having said that, the postpartum belt is a product that is used for belly binding after birthing a child. Childbirth creates a lot of empty space that is known as Vata (air + space) in Ayurveda.

This space inside can cause some discomfort and you might feel the skin loose and hanging around your belly. For almost more than 3 months(the time when your belly started protruding), you had a big tight belly and now suddenly it's all loose.

The belly is actually not bound but wrapped. Belly wrapping is done to give support to your back and the belly. This wrapping is done after bathing the New Mother.

So, how does belly wrapping help the New Mother?

👉🏽 Belly wrapping helps in releasing the Vata in the uterine section.

👉🏽 Helps in supporting the belly from sagging after childbirth.

👉🏽 It also helps in maintaining a good posture.

👉🏽 Supports your back and helps in the reduction of back pain.

👉🏽 Belly wrapping provides the warmth the abdominal muscles need after childbirth.

What belly wrapping cannot help you with?

👉🏽 Belly wrapping will not cure diastasis recti. There are chances that it might cause discomfort in muscles if wrapped too tightly.

👉🏽 Cannot strengthen your pelvic muscles. You have to practice pelvic floor exercises to strengthen your pelvic muscles.

What do we use to wrap the belly?

👉🏽 You can use a soft cotton saree to wrap the belly.

👉🏽 These days you can purchase belly-wrapping cloth online.

👉🏽 You can use postpartum belts that are available in varying sizes.

Is it safe to belly wrap after a C-section surgery?

👉🏽 Not immediately. C-section is major abdominal surgery and the wound has to completely heal before you wrap your belly.

👉🏽 It is recommended to check with your doctor before you start wrapping your belly so that there is no harm done to the incision section.

When can you start wrapping your belly after vaginal delivery?

👉🏽 Immediately after childbirth, your belly can be wrapped.

👉🏽 If the nurses are not wrapping your belly, then you can ask someone from your family to wrap your belly.

Where can I buy a postpartum belt?

👉🏽 You can buy from any of the trusted retailers online.

How long can the belly be wrapped?

👉🏽 You can keep the belly wrapped anywhere between 5 - 6 hours.

👉🏽 Remove it if you are planning to lie down.

👉🏽 It works best when you are sitting or standing or walking.

👉🏽 Do not wear the belt or wrap the belly overnight.


👉🏽 Belly wrapping has been followed for ages, and it is not something new.

👉🏽 A postpartum belt is a convenient option for some women.

👉🏽 Belly wrapping will not reduce your fat but support your core muscles.

👉🏽 You should be able to insert at least two fingers between the wrap, and you should be able to breathe comfortably.

👉🏽 Wrapping it tightly is going to cause more harm than good.

Belly wrapping was a great help to me after childbirth. My posture improved a lot after belly wrapping. I had someone wrapping it for me. If you are not able to find someone, then I would suggest buying a postpartum belly belt.

Take care mommies!


I hope you enjoy reading.png
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