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Newborn baby care

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

You might think, the baby is so small, he/she may not need anything much and your love is all that the baby needs...

Yes, your LOVE tops the list but, there are many other things that a baby needs. You will be surprised by the list of things you will end up buying for your baby. Here I am sharing with you the list that you may have to make before your baby arrives or after the baby has arrived.

All the items you need should be in the same room as you are and easily accessible. Feel free to adjust the list to suit your needs...

At hospital

  • You will need diapers (disposable and reusable).

  • Rubber sheets

  • Burp cloths, small handkerchiefs(baby-friendly soft cotton)

  • Wipes (alcohol-free)

  • Cotton nappies (reusable and disposable)

  • Bathing essentials

  • Baby carrier (if you want one)

  • Scarf, mittens, socks

  • A cotton cloth to wrap the baby before you carry the baby.

  • Dresses for the baby

  • Blanket

  • Bedspread (if needed)

  • A dustbin, garbage bag to handle the waste.

  • Diaper bag(if needed)

Bathing essentials

It is recommended to not bathe the newborn baby at least for 24 hours. Also, ask for skin-to-skin contact as soon as possible after the birth. It can delay if there are any medical conditions, but do ask for it.

  • Bath towels

  • Baby bath soaps or baby body wash

  • Baby hair shampoo

  • Oil for massaging

  • Baby Moisturizer (if needed)

  • Diaper rash cream (if needed)

  • Diaper or nappies


  • Before you take your baby for a bath, keep everything ready on the bed.

  • Keep your nails trimmed while handling the baby.

  • If the room is air-conditioned, then make sure the temperature is not too low while drying the baby after a bath.

Baby medicines

If your pediatrician has prescribed any medication for your baby, then you might need to keep it handy and maintain it separately in a pouch or a box.

  • You might need a small box or a pouch to keep baby medicines

  • Cotton

Cleaning the baby

  • Do not lift the baby by the leg to clean the poop. It might harm the baby’s hips.

  • Place your palm on the baby’s chest and slightly turn the baby and clean using your other hand.

  • Similarly, do the other side.

  • The direction of cleaning should be wiping from front to back.

Feeding the baby

Whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, you would have to keep certain things handy to make it easier for feeding.

Breastfeeding necessities

  • Breastfeeding pillow (so that you are comfortable to feed)

  • Water bottle (you might feel thirsty during the feeds)

  • Ready to eat snacks (this is for you if you feel hungry after the feeds)

  • Some soothing music to listen

  • A small table (you can use what you have or a makeshift table) to keep the necessities.

  • Diapers to change

  • Wipes

  • Some nice wall stickers or photos in front of you that make you feel good.

  • Any supplements prescribed to you.

  • Clean cloth to wipe your nipples if needed.

  • If you are expressing and feeding the baby, then the required feeding bottles.

  • A container to place the used bottles.

  • Hand sanitizer (before you start feeding)

  • Extra clothes (if baby’s clothes get wet while feeding)

Formula feed necessities

  • Clean the place before you start preparing the formula milk.

  • Sanitize your hands after cleaning the place.

  • Get the necessary bottles.

  • Burp cloths

  • Feeding pillow.

  • Diapers to change

  • Extra clothes (if baby’s clothes get wet while feeding)

Equip yourself

  • Learn how to burp the baby

  • Massaging the baby can be a bonding time for you and the baby, as the baby can feel your warmth while touching the skin.

  • You can learn to swaddle the baby, but it is completely okay if you are not able to because not all babies can be calmed down by swaddling.

  • Practice caution while bathing the baby.

  • Learn how to bathe babies near the sink or in the bathtub or on your legs(grandma style).

  • Practice holding the baby, it may take time but by practicing, the babies will feel relaxed by the way you hold them.

  • When you plan to cut your baby’s nails, wait for them to grow a little longer so that you can trim them easily. You can use a filer to file the nails during the initial days. Try to do this after the baby’s bath, the nails are soft after the bath.

Firstaid care

  • Ask your pediatrician about CPR and how to act when the baby chokes or is not responding.

  • These measures are very important, and you can take a printout and stick it somewhere so that it can be referred to during emergency situations.

  • This is only the first aid till the actual help arrives. The detailed procedures will be performed by professionals and you need not worry about that.

  • It is the responsibility of every parent to know this so that quick action can be taken.

  • You may not have to use it at all, but you should know what to do when you face such a situation. (choking or unresponsive baby).

  • This is a life-saving technique to keep it handy.

General guidelines

  • Newborn babies are tender and fragile, you have to be conscious while you handle the baby.

  • Do not leave the baby unattended at any time. Even if the baby cannot turn around.

  • During the bath, do not ever leave the baby in the bathtub.

  • Use light color bedspreads and clothing so that you can see if there is anything on the surface.

  • Maintain hygiene and get your house cleaned regularly.

  • Do not self-medicate the baby, always consult your pediatrician before you give any medicine.

  • Do not give water or any other foods to your baby until your doctor advises.

  • Do not chip off the baby’s nails using your teeth or fingers. It can cut unevenly and also hurt their skin.

  • If you are irritated or angry, then do not be near the baby. Control your emotions first and then attend to the baby. Make sure to leave someone else in charge.

  • Do NOT shake the baby if you are trying to calm them or you are not understanding what to do to soothe the baby. Definitely not shake the baby as it may harm the baby and also the damage can be serious.

Parenthood is a journey that cannot be learned in a day. You grow along with your child, you learn along with your child. Be aware, conscious, and absolutely focused when a baby is around.

This is what I followed. if you have some tips to share, please do so in the comments below. it can help someone.

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