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Nesting Instinct during pregnancy

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

The nesting instinct is the burst of energy you get during the last few weeks of your pregnancy, that makes you clean the house, and organize your home to welcome the new member of the family!

Some researchers have suggested that nesting is due to a somewhat programmed adaptive human behavior to prepare for and protect an unborn baby that comes from our evolutionary roots. Nesting is about taking control of your’s and baby’s environment.

Nesting is common and is considered to be an instinct to prepare for birth, but not all pregnant women experience the nesting instinct. and do not feel bad about it, it does not mean you won’t set up an environment for your baby. Whether you experience nesting instinct or not, you will definitely organize your home for your baby’s arrival.

When does the nesting instinct occur?

Results from a 2013 analysis of two studies state that the nesting instinct kicks in the last few weeks of the third trimester. Also, the levels of the pregnancy hormone estrogen peak up boosting your physical activity and energy levels.

Nesting instinct during pregnancy
Nesting instinct during pregnancy

Nesting precautions -

Nesting during pregnancy is not harmful to you or your baby. Having said that, there are some precautions you will want to take. Avoid lifting heavy objects. Let someone else climb the ladders, it is also important to avoid cleaning chemicals such as bleach or oven cleaners. Even when used by others, it is essential that you have good ventilation.

Do what you must, but don’t drain yourself out of energy. Get as much rest as possible and save your energy for giving birth and taking care of your new baby when he/she arrives. Take the nesting feelings and delegate some tasks to other family members too. It is one of the times in life that delegation receptivity is a little easier!

What you can do when nesting instinct strikes you?

  • Make a list. List down the things you want to buy, make a checklist and keep ticking the things you complete. It makes you feel better.

  • Shopping. Think of the things you would need for your baby care, do some research, read reviews on brands, and plan your budget before you make the purchases.

  • You can cook some snack items, and prepare some food that can be frozen. Can make things slightly easier for you if you have some food handy.

  • Cleaning. You can deep clean the bathroom and your home. Do not be near harsh chemicals while cleaning. Clean your refrigerator before you start storing food.

  • Organize your cupboard. Once you are done cleaning, you can organize your home. Take help! Buy an extra laundry basket for your baby if needed.

  • Create a birth plan. A birth plan is an overview of your preferences about labor, delivery, and the immediate care of your newborn in the hospital or birthing center.

  • Pack your hospital bag. Make a checklist, and add all your necessary items to the bag. Mark the completed ones.

We are referring to the sudden burst of energy termed as “Nesting Instinct” during the last few weeks of the third trimester of your pregnancy, which makes you suddenly do all the chores. You would eventually do all of the above even if the Nesting Instinct does not strike you!


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