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My Pregnancy Journey

I was 30 when I conceived and that was unplanned. I was not ready mentally or physically. But when we found that a tiny soul was growing inside me and we were pregnant we became more alert and responsible, have browsed a lot of info on what to eat, how to sleep, and all the dos and don’ts.

We booked an appointment with a Gyno and confirmed the pregnancy at the clinic. Though doctor advised for a scan post few weeks to measure the heartbeat of the baby. It felt like a fairy tale when I saw/heard her heartbeat for the first time.

Days began to set back, due to morning sickness and hormonal changes. It is a one-way path and solo travel, though people can help you with external stuff. I was solely responsible for that tiny little soul, which was growing inside me.

Though I was a brave and courageous Girl, Pregnancy took me to another level of growth. To be a woman who is responsible for another soul. It taught me patience and tolerance. Moreover, it taught me to accept life as it is.

My Pregnancy Journey - Ms.Aruna
My Pregnancy Journey - Ms.Aruna

As days went on, my anomaly scan reported that I had a lower placenta and was above 30. Had to limit my intense physical activity in the best interest of the baby and me.

I went on with WFH for the following months, did a health check-up in a nearby govt hospital, and was expecting a normal delivery. Little did I know that nothing can be predicted when it comes to delivery.

I had a great time during my pregnancy though my morning sickness never left me till the 7/8th month of my pregnancy, I started talking to the baby and I was persuaded that I was carrying a Baby boy :P. Gender doesn’t matter, after all, I was expecting an active and healthy baby. I was more excited as the date was given as the same as my Birth date.

As the date was nearing, I wanted to know if I was going to have a normal delivery or not. I thought of going for a scan to make sure my placenta was back to normal, and the baby was in the right position to be delivered. But the same morning I saw a blood spot which gave me a short panic. But then I was much prepared for it from previous months. I made up my mind that I might deliver the baby in a couple of days.

When we visited the hospital, the doctor went on with a physical examination (PV) and found the baby was already trying to come out. And my Cervix was not dilated enough. So, I was ordered an emergency C-section.

I had cried out loud, as I was always worried about C-sections. But in no time, I was admitted, taken to an operation theatre, and got my baby out. Sweet little angel “Baby Girl”. That feeling is something I can never forget all my life.

A few weeks post-delivery was hell ‘no doubt about it’ But then now I can recall only beautiful moments that I had with my daughter 😊.

Handling a baby was one big task, but I had to deal with most of the ‘myth, practices, and rituals’ that was being followed in the family. Finally, I had the courage to say NO to any of it and do what is best for my daughter.

Throughout my journey from 5th month of my pregnancy to 4 years of my baby. My Mom is the one person who took the place of grandmother, Father, and even Mother to raise my daughter. I feel grateful for having my daughter and Mom.

And this is my story. 😊 .

Thanks for reading,

Aruna Jayapal.


I hope you enjoy reading.png
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