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Motherhood - There aren't yes and no answers

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Motherhood for me is reliving my childhood but with two different perspectives in form of my boys. The clear reason being they are so different from each other...

motherhood - there aren't yes and no answers

What works for one may not work for the other ultimately I am in for a fun ride for life...

My boys remind me every day of how life is not black and white but full of varied colors. There aren't yes and no answers but an honest attempt to answer situations that are not easy.

With my recent near-death experience, I have never felt so helpless in my life and the very thought of me not being around for them has made me realize that every moment is important in bringing them up.

Sometimes with my busy lifestyle, I fail to be around but now there are conscious efforts to be part of their laughter and their endeavors.

It's a huge responsibility for me to bring up two sons with humility, respect for everyone, and gratitude. This happens effortlessly at times as both of them are born inherently with these qualities.

The world is quite different for them as they are born in comfortable environments but as a mother, I have tried to ensure that they understand hard work, understand the importance of money /things, and are passionate about what they do.

I know that they will grow up soon and very soon there wouldn't be a constant need for hugs and kisses but isn't motherhood all about being around in all they would without having to be there in person...

it reflects in their personalities, celebrating their achievements, helping them overcome their disappointments, and comforting them in distress.

With love,


Principal / Senior Manager


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