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Motherhood - self-love is not selfish

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Well before I start writing let me tell all those who will read my blog that this is my first blog. I am not a blogger but since this platform is very close to my heart so thought of writing something on a lazy Saturday afternoon. As I already mentioned that this is my first blog and firsts are always special.

motherhood - self love is not selfish
motherhood - self love is not selfish

so here it goes. I thought of sharing my experience as a new mother who was unknown of everything. I had no idea about postpartum. I had no idea about breastfeeding. I thought motherhood is a cakewalk. I thought I could handle my baby just like I used to handle those nasty deadlines at the office. But I was so wrong.

when Avira was born I was hit by major postpartum insomnia and anxiety which led to depression. I had no idea what was happening to me. I felt I was caged in my own body. I did not feel like bonding with my baby. Everyone around me felt like devils in disguise. It took six months for me to understand literally what I was going through.

And in those six months, no one was there with me except my parents. I never thought that I had to go through this. This post is dedicated to all those women who are still struggling. I went ahead and booked an appointment with a doctor.

So ladies, if you feel like you are unhappy, sad, anxious go and immediately seek help. You don't need permission from anyone. It's your own body and mind and no one except you has control over this. A happy mother raises a happy child. If you are happy, your bub will be happy...

so ladies here is to all new moms out there. you are amazingly one except you know you and your child better. so next time when your mother-in-law, sister-in-law, or any random aunties come and share their so-called piece of advice just close your eyes and take a deep breath and do what you feel is right.

self-love is not selfish. pamper yourself because you have created an amazing little human being. If no one in this world appreciates you for what you have done applaud yourself. Treat yourself with new clothes and makeup.

I know a new mother hardly gets time for herself but my dear friend you have to take out at least 30 minutes for yourself. Ask for help. It is not only a mother's job to look after her baby. it is a joint responsibility. Take help from your partner. And those long nights will one day come to an end. kids really grow up too fast. someday they will not need us.

So enjoy every moment!

lots of love and hugs.

Indrakshi Bhattacharjee

Software Engineer and a Mom.


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