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Motherhood - makes you vulnerable and strong at the same time

Being a mother was something that I always wanted to and so when I saw that pink line on the stick I was just so excited!!

Nobody can prepare You for your journey because every body is different and no two pregnancies are same even for the same individual.

Being from medical background although I knew everything about the process going through it by yourself is a completely different experience.

Being a petite girl who already has a hard time putting on weight I was really worried as to how will the child grow well in my body and on top of it I got bad nausea in the first three months where I lost 2 kgs in the first month itself!

Being unable to eat made me really anxious and depressed an soon during the 3rd month covid came and lockdown was announced which definitely put more pressure on me mentally and so I read lot of articles as to how could I protect the child even after working in close contact with suspects of covid.

It was a scary time and being a first time mom you already are very nervous

From gum hypertrophy, deranged liver, hemorrhoids I got so many things during my pregnancy that I had just read in the books..

But nature has its way of protecting the child and so I understood that that baby is going to be healthy . By watching my baby grow on each sonography I became a calmer person knowing that I am not harming the child.

One thing I always did during the entire journey was to eat right and by physically active and even then I ended up getting a c section.

Although it was not something I wanted to go ahead with but when it comes to the safety of your child nothing else matters at that time.

Finally I delivered a healthy baby and felt relieved after a tough journey of almost 9 months..

Nobody comes with a manual as to how to become a parent. I believe your first child teaches you how to become a parent.

And as a mom its very easy to get absorbed in this relationship because mom guilt of not being around does not make u do anything else apart from taking care of the child.

Initial few months I lost the track of time and day because all I was doing was taking care of this newborn that I was blessed with I did not want to screw up. But as they say to raise a healthy baby the mom has to be healthy first and I had forgotten about myself which started showing on my body.

That's when I took help from my sister who is a well known psychiatrist to get my life back on track.

Finally, I started taking out time for myself and although I was from a medical background I always wanted to be a part of fashion industry and that's when I auditioned for the contest of Mrs. India worldwide while my daughter was just a few months old but due to covid everything got delayed.

Little did I know that I would get selected for the finale and I took my mom and my baby to Dubai for it, which was my first International trip with her when she was just about to turn 2 years old.

Being there with all those married females who were of different age groups and most of them had kids I realized that there is more to life than just becoming a mother and how important it is to find out who you actually are and what you want from life.

Being pregnant, being a mother made me vulnerable and strong at the same time.

The bond that a mother shares with her child is the most unique and pure form of human relationships I have ever witnessed.

The instinct to protect your child at any cost has made me the strongest version of myself and I want to say hats off to all the ladies who go through this journey with a smile on their face because its one of the hardest things that a human body goes through.❤️

With Love ❤️


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