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Motherhood - Chalk and Cheese. No one size fits

Chalk and Cheese. No one size fits!

My journey with my not-so-little ones is more than a decade long & the trek has been great. My journey with my daughter had a shaky start but no sooner did we settle in, as I was hit by a bout of Typhoid fever in the 5th month of my pregnancy where I 🔥 at 102-104F for nearly two weeks and the only other thing besides battling my own illness was my constant need to check the fetal ❤beat and check if she was fine.

This bout left me severely dehydrated and her with no place to move. We both went on a month-long 💧diet and protein drips to rejuvenate the amniotic fluid. But we both clung on and she came out healthy just to make it in time to see 🇮🇳 win the 2011CWC.

Anupama with her kids

Our next journey was in 15-2016 fighting the unprovoked epileptic seizures(5-6) times when I thought I lost her. No best docs or report could nail the reason or prevent the subsequent ones post the 1st but an understanding by a family doc that the excess salt in cheesy items and junk could have triggered the episodes and then sustained effort to reduce junk, milk products, and overall stress has resulted in no further episodes.

Though she had Sensory Integration Issues which manifests as Spectrum disorders and ADHD we have successfully overcome that barrier only to be neurotypical and more than intelligent, wise to make great strides in all aspects of life.

Off-late my older one has been parenting me with her wisdom, checking on me to be sure I am safe when I go out and has turned my stylist, making me wonder who's the daughter?

My son is James Bond born on 7th July, not 007 but 777. Witty, naughty, and charming the journey with him was a lot ch-easier as I was more in a mindset to have him, prepared in all ways.

He has his own demanding angry, young man actions that sometimes are put offish but overall been a fun ride. My hug and smile companion, my teddy buddy, and one who made me understand how emotionally sensitive boys can be especially after I became a single parent.

To sum up my journey as a mother, though it has flourished now, its seeds were planted in my childhood. The decision to be, consciously emotionally available, attentive to them as no one size of parenting fits all, would choose them over my career as that's why I had them, value each and every second spent with them, prepare them to face life armed with knowledge more than money and we have made great strides in all of them.

As for my learning with both my kids one chalk the other cheese has been immense, gratifying, and worth all the effort.



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