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Motherhood - a roller coaster ride

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

I am Jyothi, mother of naughty twin boys. I like to share my motherhood journey. My perception about being a mother was completely different and always thought it’s easygoing but in a way, many people had warned me it will be really tough with twins.

motherhood - a roller coaster ride
motherhood - a roller coaster ride

But I always thought about why people talk like this and I was confident that I will be able to do it without any issues until I realized the truth.

Finally, the day came and I was blessed with twin boys. Everything was going fine as we thought until we go home because the nurse was always there to help us in nursing and come on time to wake us to feed the baby.

After 3 days I was discharged n we returned home with our little ones. The night itself we had a surprise waiting, both babies were crying so badly that we were not getting what to do.

My parents, my husband n me were completely blank. I was crying not getting what to do. Babies had colic issues and we did not understand that n by the time my mom got to know it was early morning and it was really very very very long night for all of us. We came to know this will be very tough and more challenges are on the way !!

We are always told that having a baby is very a beautiful journey!! But no one tells us that journey has many humps, roller coaster rides.

Breastfeeding twins that too every 2 hrs time used to fly so fast, by the time I finish settling one baby other used to get up. Days were passing by with new adjustments and some compromises.

But after 25 days of delivery suddenly I had an infection nearby c section and it was a mess with pus and pain.

I had to visit the hospital for dressing and manage the babies along with my parents and my husband.

I always thought once baby turns 3 months it will be easy going and that turned to 6 months and still, It's going on…..

One day I just could not handle it more and broke down started crying saying that I don’t want babies n I wanted to just sit for some time relax, eat peacefully without any disturbances.

My parents n my husband were always with me they understood that I was taking too much stress and I need to relax and they made me understand that I need not prove myself that I am a perfect mother,

one it will be good and other days it will be worst and I need to prepare for that. They kept telling me to stop putting pressure on being a good mom n they all started helping me more n more so that I could eat, rest for some time.

Now my boys are 2.7 yrs old when I turn back n see I just remember their little faces, the smile n only beautiful memories!!

At this moment I like to thank my parents, my husband, my brother for being with me and walking with me in the most difficult phase of our journey.

Note: I have seen people saying it’s the mother’s parent's responsibility to look after but request people to change their opinion n help the new mother n the baby !!!


Jyothi Santosh


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