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Mother - A Privilege

We always tend to picture Mothers as hard working, tired, the one who has to do all the household work, take care of everyone but forgets to take care of herself, wants everyone to have food on time but she doesn't, wants everyone to have a good nap after food but she thinks of what to cook for the next meal... These thoughts are good but also makes us feel sad sometimes that she has to do so many things alone. Isn't it? There is always more than one way to look at a situation. I would say Mother has a privilege to do these things with love and she has been gifted by nature to nurture another life.

As a Mother,

I feel privileged that I can grow a life in me. Nature has answers for everything. We have to bond with nature to understand the basics. Women are chosen to grow a life within them. Our body is set in this way since the time we are born, and to grow a life within you is not a simple thing. We have to take it as a privileged gift to do that. Feminism represents love, care, sharing, inclusiveness. Let us not victimise ourselves. Feminism also represents emotionally strong and can achieve anything if she wishes to. This is our gift, to be inclusive, to care for our family, to love, to give ourselves completely without any expectation from our child. Let us climb ladders only the ones we can. By trying to achieve and reach a destination just because someone else is able to do it, is not a healthy way to climb. If you want to climb a ladder, you need to focus only on the ladder you are climbing and not your neighbor’s.

I feel privileged that I can feed the best food to life while inside and outside. As a mother, we always think about what to feed our child, also we want to feed the best and healthiest. Though we have advanced in many ways, the best food for a child till date is mother’s milk. Nothing can replace or beat this. Don’t you agree ?? When life is growing inside you, nature has designed our body in such a way that food is given to the baby even when the baby does not know how to suck or eat! How wonderful is the mechanism of mother nature! This is a huge responsibility given to us and lets us take complete control of how to take care of ourselves during this time. Let us try to handle our responsibilities well by supporting each other. And Mother's milk is the best gift a child can get. It is a privilege that you are given this responsibility.

I feel privileged that I get a chance to spend most of my time with a life when it needs utmost care. Do you remember the moment you held your child the first time? Didn’t you feel that all the pain, all the hormonal war you have been dealing with, is all worth it looking at the result? We suddenly don’t remember any pain, all we feel is the joy of looking at our child’s face and holding them in our hands. Suddenly you feel good that your palms widened enough to hold your little one and we are ready to do anything in the world to keep our child safe. Especially the first 6 months of your child are very important. Can you see how dependent they are on us for everything? They have no clue that they are pushed out into the real world. They were so protected by you when they were inside you, and now that they are out, they always look for this comfort. Suddenly, they feel they are alone and keep looking out for you to soothe them, to comfort them, to hug them, to love them. Let us be a support to each other during this time, as a child needs its mother, a mother needs a friend. When a child is born, so is a mother. A New Mother is also like a child who is trying to learn everything and absorb everything, not knowing what to take and what to leave. If you are a Mother, and if you are able to connect with another Mother during the first 6 months after her delivery. It is the best gift you can give a Mother. Happy Motherhood...


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