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Maternity Wardrobe

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Take a deep breath! You need not buy everything you see, your body size keeps changing throughout pregnancy and after childbirth. But when you buy minimal, it is just easier to manage. and truly speaking, it is totally up to you.

Some women love to dress up and they love to buy and manage it so well. Some women prefer to keep it low. If you are someone who cannot manage too many things, stick to minimal, it is easier to manage your wardrobe and goes light on your pockets too.

How to build a maternity wardrobe?

How to build a maternity wardrobe
How to build a maternity wardrobe

Think about your personality and your lifestyle. Doing a quick edit of your lifestyle and your current wardrobe is a good place to start when you’re thinking ahead to what types of maternity clothes you’ll want to focus on buying.

Do you work from home or do you go to the office? Is your office lenient on the dress code?

Where would you be spending most of your time? And what clothes are you comfortable in?

You would have to think about these aspects before you plan to buy your maternity wear.

Slow down. Do not be in a hurry to buy maternity clothes. For the first and the beginning of the second trimester, most of your clothes may fit you except you might have to look for a comfortable bra. Choose the one that is soft and comfortable for you, don't opt for very tight ones. If you do not prefer to wear one, that is totally your call!

Start with buying comfortable innerwear (most important), long tank tops, jackets or shrugs, comfortable pants, either legging (not too tight), harem pants, maternity pants, something that can come all the way up to your diaphragm, or if you prefer to keep it low waist, make sure it is not too tight around your pelvic region. Gowns, maxi dresses, skirts, and some sleepwear, choosing what you want to wear depends on your style or persona, but what you choose matters.

Plan your budget. There are so many mothers who reuse most of their clothes during pregnancy and are completely okay with it. Not everything that is marketed has to be bought, you can do without most of it. List down what you need the most, helps in unnecessary purchases.

When you do not have an idea as to what you want to buy, most of the time people end up buying stuff that is not really necessary. When you make a list of items to purchase, your brain is automatically tuned to buy the items from the list rather than the vast option in the store.

What is the takeaway?

  • Do not be in a hurry to change your wardrobe.

  • Make a list of what you want to buy.

  • Prioritize the list. For example: buying comfortable innerwear is important and buying a good one.

  • If you can reuse any items, it is a good option. Your body keeps changing, so buy your clothes accordingly.

  • Do not get carried away by the commercials. Understand your lifestyle and buy accordingly. It is okay to change your style anytime! Buy your clothes based on where you spend most of your time.

Do not forget about the postpartum period -

Buy nursing wear, I feel nursing bras are a kind of hindrance to the baby. The baby does not like any disturbance or any kind of clothing around the breasts while breastfeeding. You can decide that depending on your baby.

While some of your maternity clothes will still work, at some point you’ll reach a stage that’s somewhere in between your pregnancy weight and your pre-baby size, and you’ll likely have to do a little more shopping.

Lastly, Be gentle with yourself. remember that there are no extra points given out for “bouncing back” from pregnancy. Every person recovers differently, heals differently, and experiences a body that changes in different ways after giving birth. You just grew and carried a whole person for nine months; go easy on yourself and wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Would you like some recommendations from us for your wardrobe?


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