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Join a Prenatal Yoga Class

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Prenatal yoga offers a much-needed opportunity to slow down and connect with your baby and with your body as it transforms. Whether you are new to yoga or are already an experienced practitioner, you can enjoy the many benefits of yoga during pregnancy.

Why a prenatal yoga class?

When you are pregnant, it may sometimes feel like your body has been taken over by an alien. All the things you thought you knew about yourself go out the window as your body is changing every day setting up a comfortable environment for the growing baby inside. Sometimes change that is out of your control can lead you to feel disconnected from your sense of self.

In yoga, it's often said that your body is different every time you get on the mat. You work on accepting that change is constant. In pregnancy, this is doubly true. Yoga helps you reconnect with your body and embrace its journey. Sometimes you might feel, you are all over the place, but yoga helps you in balancing those energies and bring content within you.

Can any pregnant woman join a prenatal yoga class?

In general, yes, every pregnant woman can attend a prenatal yoga class. There are always exceptions. You have to let your doctor know in case you have any complications.

And also make sure to let the yoga instructor know about your health conditions.

Why you need a prenatal yoga class
Why you need a prenatal yoga class

From which month of pregnancy can I attend a yoga class?

Wait for 40 days at least or wait till you complete the first 2 months of your first trimester to join a prenatal yoga class. And when it is prenatal yoga class, the expert will let you know when you can attend the yoga sessions. The earlier you start, the better. Make sure to ask, discuss, and be clear with the instructions.

I have never attempted yoga, is it okay if I join a prenatal yoga class?

In fact, many women who have never done yoga before find that it is an ideal form of exercise during their pregnancies and beyond. When looking for a class, stick to those labeled "prenatal yoga," as their teachers will be best able to instruct you appropriately. If you do go to a regular class, be sure to tell the teacher you are pregnant.

Is it safe?

Practicing on your own by watching a video online is not safe. You attend a prenatal yoga session, follow the instructions and safety measures, and practice it slowly. Pregnancy yoga will not be a fast or strenuous one. Let the yoga instructor know if you have any discomfort.

If you have pain while practicing certain asanas, then stop immediately. Pregnancy hormones can make you flexible, but don't go overboard, stretch as far as it is comfortable for you.

The impact of yoga on your lifestyle

Yoga is one of the best things you can do for yourself during and after pregnancy. The yoga practice helps you prepare your body and mind for labor and birthing. It helps you focus and concentrate on a healthy lifestyle, that is you consciously make a shift. Yoga is an effective way to keep your body active and supple during and after pregnancy.

Yoga helps in stretching your muscles and tissues, stimulates your organ systems, and promotes the circulation of blood and oxygen. Yoga poses strengthen the hips, back, arms and shoulders. This, in turn, increases your stamina and strength to carry the growing baby within you. So, if you feel tired easily, then yoga is the best solution for your problem.

Can yoga help me prepare for labor?

Yes! The breath work practice in yoga to some extent prepares you to face labor and tensions related to it. The use of deep belly breath soothes you down and helps you to respond calmly. Many yoga poses can be helpful during contractions and relaxation.

Yoga helps you to use the muscles of your pelvic floor effectively. If you are used to working with these muscles, you will find it easier to use them during labor. And in natural delivery, you will want these muscles to work quickly and effectively when it comes to pushing.

Also, gives you a sense of calmness even when things don't go as you planned or expected. You will be surprised by the effects of yoga when you least expect it.

There are other benefits like -

  • Yoga makes recovery faster. If you practice yoga on a regular basis, even after your pregnancy, it will help you to recover faster and better.

  • Losing all the weight that you gained during pregnancy can be challenging. But, yoga can prove very beneficial for losing weight after delivery.

  • Yoga practice post-delivery helps you in dealing with all the new changes.

  • Also helps you in dealing with the symptoms of pregnancy like morning sickness and mood swings.

  • Yoga prepares you to cope with the demands of your changing body and mind.

  • Practicing yoga can help you relieve aches and pains.

  • Stimulates your organ systems and promotes the circulation of blood and oxygen.

Hope you are convinced to take up a prenatal yoga class. If you need a contact prenatal yoga expert, you can let us know in the comments 👇🏽



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