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Is it necessary to birth an offspring

Let’s start with why humans reproduce? When humanity had just started evolving, our ancestors thought let’s increase the human population and they reproduced. Reproduction is nature’s way of increasing the count of the same species. This process happens in every living organism from the microscopic organism to the largest animal on earth. Every living being is reproducing but why only the human population is increasing so much. Why not other animals? Why not birds? I don’t want to answer that, you think about it. Every living being has an emotional bond with its offspring. Do you agree? Yes, it is not only humans but every living being has a strong emotional connection with their offspring. We consider ourselves superior to other living organisms for doing the same thing! No living being is superior or inferior to others, we are all living together in this world as a result of various chain reactions and humans have evolved a bit more than others, that is all. We have to live here with other living beings and in harmony. Now, coming back to our question, is it a necessity that everyone should birth an offspring? We have to ask ourselves these questions, as to why we want to reproduce in the first place. Is it to satisfy our elders? Would I be able to give the commitment once I decide to birth to a child? or Is it to prove something? or Do I have the time to include a baby in my life? Most importantly, Am I ready for a change? Bearing a child is a responsibility and needs the commitment to give all the support a child needs. I have heard that it is a project which needs commitment for 20 years! Don’t you think so? And after 20 years, it’s their choice whether they want to be with us or want to be independent. You should ask yourself, are you ready for the changes a child can bring in your life, are you ready to commit yourself to your child. Let me tell you dreams don’t crash after a child is born, you can achieve whatever you want even after your child is born but, there will be changes, changes in lifestyle, changes in routine, changes in priority, changes in your body. It is not easy to accept everything at once but, you can be open to any changes that come your way and take one thing at a time. To give a heads up, let’s look at the changes -

  • If you are a woman, your body will go through changes to accommodate the baby. This includes during pregnancy and post-delivery.

  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy and post-delivery. These changes are inevitable as our body prepares itself for the baby.

  • Your expenses may increase. Do not make any hasty decisions on investment.

  • Have a rough idea about expenses. You can only have a rough plan as you cannot predict the future.

  • You will need assistance after delivery, plan on this.

  • If you are a working woman, you would have to plan on your maternity leave.

  • Your sleep will be affected. Make peace with that. How to cope up with sleep deprivation, can be dealt with.

  • If you are a woman, there might be some changes in your diet during pregnancy and post-delivery.

  • If you are a woman, you need good postpartum care.

  • Talk with your partner about the changes. It is important that both mother and father are aware of the changes.

  • Your plans may constantly change. Learn to adapt with the baby.

  • Last but not the least, “The Only Constant In Life Is Change”. Take it slow, take one task at a time.

A child needs an environment where they can be an individual, a place where they can be themselves, a happy place, a joyful place with love and care. They will be with anyone who can give them these things with a happy heart. They will play with anyone who plays with them. If you as a parent are not able to be around the child, see that they can be around people who can play with them, laugh with them, talk with them, care for them. If you have brought your child to this world, be responsible for your decision and act accordingly. So, what is the conclusion? You bear a child if you really want to, not to satisfy someone else’s wish, not to prove anything to anyone but, to bring a better human to this world. Be open to changes that will come your way along with your child. Be open to unlearning and learning with your child. Do not be your child's decision-maker. Change is a change, it cannot be classified as good or bad. If you decide to have a child, then be responsible for your decision, a child can bring a change in you, to see this world in a whole new way! If you decide to bear a child, let us make them a better human than us. Let us make a better tomorrow. Happy Parenting!


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