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Garbh Sanskar

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

There is scientific evidence that supports the practices of Garbh Sanskar or Womb Care and their effect on the unborn child. Modern studies have proved that a fetus can respond to external stimuli. In fact, the hormonal secretions activated by the mother’s thoughts can also impact the baby in her womb.

What is Garbh Sanskar?

Garbh means womb and sanskar means teaching good things or instilling good values. Garbh Sanskar is the practice of a few simple activities that contribute towards the social, physical, spiritual, and mental well-being of both mother and child.

According to ancient Indian scriptures Multiplication of Virtues & Division of Defects is called 'Sanskar'. Good deeds are done in repetitive action in such a way that it becomes your nature. Garbh Sanskar means to impart virtues, values, and 'Sanskar' to the unborn baby in the womb during the period of pregnancy. As pregnancy is the stage where the basic building blocks of a child’s mental neural structure are laid down. This is the most decisive stage, deciding the child’s health, behavior, nature, and almost his entire future.

Garbh Sanskar
Garbh Sanskar

What does Garbh Sanskar include?

Garbh Sanskar is a holistic approach toward pregnancy. It is a combination of various aspects and not just one. It looks at all aspects of lifestyle in support of the baby and the mother.

Pregnancy is the responsibility of the couple, parents, family, and society to give a supportive environment for the baby. One must understand that the basic responsibility lies with the couple who is planning the baby.

Garbh Sanskar practices include lifestyle changes
Garbh Sanskar practices include lifestyle changes

Garbh Sanskar is the practice of a few simple activities that contribute towards the social, physical, spiritual, and mental well-being of both mother and child. With the benefit of scientific research, it is well-proven now that the baby, when in the womb, has an infinite capacity to grow his or her mind and senses if the right external stimulation is given.

These practices help you look within yourself and deepen your understanding of yourself. This also helps a lot during your postpartum period.

The activities or practices in the Garbh Sanskar include

These activities or practices can be practiced at home. And if all the members of the family are aligned on the same, then it becomes easier for the mother to practice at home.

Eat simple and healthy food

The diet is one of the essential aspects of pregnancy, as the growth of the fetus depends upon the health and nutrition of the mother. The nutrition or energy obtained from the mother’s diet helps in the nourishment of the mother herself, the growth of the baby, and the preparation for the formation of breast milk. Breastmilk starts forming weeks before your childbirth.

A balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals is recommended. The foods during pregnancy should have a balanced amount of calcium, folic acid, and iron. Include foods that are rich in proteins, fiber, calcium, and other essential nutrients that are important for your baby’s growth.

Eat simple and healthy food
Eat simple and healthy food

Your body is what it is because of the food you ate, and if your eating habits were not maintained, then this is the time you have to change your food habits.

Tip - You can also start with pregnancy detox for both mother and father. The detox will make your system clean, you can also opt for a thorough Ayurvedic detox before trying for a baby.

Positive thoughts

Instead of trying to stay away from sad thoughts, the more you tell your brain not to think of something, the more your brain is going to think about it. Keep yourself active throughout pregnancy unless your doctor has told you otherwise, as this can help you in your thoughts.

All the other activities listed can have an effect on positive thinking. Avoid watching dull or sad movies, or movies that don't make you feel good. these activities may sound simple but when followed can provide tremendous benefits. You could cultivate a hobby or just do things that make you happy.

Your thinking can have an impact
Your thinking can have an impact

Thinking about past events can cause suffering and pain. If you are able to live in the moment with reality rather than in the mind world, it can help a lot!

Prenatal Yoga / Prenatal classes

Garbh sanskar recommends that pregnant women take up some light form of exercise or yoga for the physical and emotional well-being of both the mother and the child.

Breathing practices can help to calm and relax the body while preparing you for breath- control during childbirth.

Light exercise increase flexibility, improves blood circulation, and reduces backaches during pregnancy.

Specific yoga asanas boost the mother’s chances of having a full-term normal delivery with minimal labor pain.


Meditation is an important aspect during pregnancy and is part of Garbh Sanskar, is beneficial for the body as it de-stresses the mind. meditation can help bring peace and tranquility, and enhance concentration. Visualizing good things about the baby while you meditate is also a great way to bond and think positively, which can help both you and the baby.

Listening to Music

Garbh sanskar states that a baby can respond to music while in the mother’s womb. In fact, ancient literature says that a baby starts hearing and responding to its surroundings from the fourth month of pregnancy. This is why the mother should listen to melodious music which calms her. Soft and spiritual songs or mantras and shlokas are said to be beneficial for both the mother and the child.

Read books, create hobbies

Invest some time in your day in reading good books. Try reading books that are inspirational and have moral values. ‍Doing something creative, like making pots out of clay or painting focuses the mind, and has even been compared to meditation due to its calming effects on the brain and body. Even just gardening or sewing releases dopamine, a natural antidepressant.

You can try your hands on knitting, crafting, photography, drawing, learning musical instruments, and DIY activities. Spend some time talking to your baby.


It is up to the mother to shape the first impressions of the baby and it is a privilege, a power with responsibility.

Positive thinking and a positive attitude can go a long way in ensuring the mental and physical well-being of the mother, which is linked to the well-being of the baby inside her womb as well. Garbh sanskar helps develop that eternal bond between the mother and her unborn child.

While experts encourage practicing Garbh sanskar for the well-being of the mother, there are also long-term benefits for the baby that might not immediately be recognized.

Communication with the baby is ‘garbh sanwaad’ that contributes to the mental growth of the baby and helps to build a strong bond with the mother.

Include meditation in your routine
Include meditation in your routine

Listening to music and reading to the unborn child can later help make your baby a sound sleeper or induce better sleeping habits. Your baby might become more alert, aware, and confident.

The baby might also respond better to the stimulus and be more active and content. The mother-baby bonding also benefits as your baby might even begin breastfeeding in a better way.

Garbh Sanskar finds its roots in ancient practices. It is believed to have many benefits for you and your little one. So, you can opt to practice Garbh Sanskar after consulting with your doctor to foster an ever-lasting bond between you and your baby.

Can anyone practice Garbh Sanskar?

Yes, anyone can. Now that you have gone through what Garbh Sanskar includes, you would have an idea that it is not limited to any religion, but more of a lifestyle change that needs to be incorporated.

Garbh Sanskar is more to do with being aware of the responsibilities of bringing a child into this world. And how you can change as a person, so that you are able to give a holistic environment to the child.

A child is a huge responsibility! And maybe you were not aware or responsible before a child, but once you decide to bring a child into this world, you have to commit yourself to this responsibility.


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