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Father - The Selfless Supporter, not a Spectator.

When we talk about a newborn baby we almost always only talk about his mother, all that she has undergone in bringing him in this world and all the endless sacrifices she will continue making to raise him into a beautiful human being. Which is all very true and important.

Along with the mother, there is also a father. We know he plays a role too, but we do not talk about him very often.

One reason why we do not talk much about fatherhood is maybe because it is more of a spectator role, and there is not much reason to talk about a spectator, right?

Na, I don't think so. These are not the days when the man was the breadwinner and the woman was the caretaker. In today's world, almost every father is actively involved in the upbringing of the child.

He is involved in everything in every way possible, during the pregnancy, he stands rock solid beside his partner, taking care of her, fulfilling all her demands and wishes, massaging her feet at the end of a hectic day.

After the baby arrives, he too undergoes many changes, he may also be sleep deprived and tired, but stays strong for his family.

Changing diapers, consoling a colicky baby, staying awake through the nights, running errands, and don't forget he is not on a leave, he is still working, probably harder than ever because now he has more responsibility. He wants to be a good father and he is trying his best to do that.

Now, he may also have to deal with a partner who maybe sounding completely unreasonable to him, he may feel dejected and worthless with the continuous complaints. He may feel that he is just not good enough, despite of giving everything he could, despite of loving his family more than himself.

Even in this situation, he may just dust off his negative thoughts, stand up again and still continue being a good father and a loving partner.

I cannot agree more that a woman's life is completely changed once she becomes a mother, but we have to accept the fact that a man's life is changed too.

After having a baby, a man moves on from being a carefree lad to being a caring dad.


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