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Do you think you need a book to understand a child?

The answer is a NO.

Yes, at any given time, a question always has a debatable answer. So, here we will see why the answer is NO.

No matter how many books you read or you have read, if you wish to bond with another human being then, you have to spend some TIME with them.

TIME cannot be substituted with anything!

It could be any kind of communication, but in order to set that bond, you have to give your time and energy towards that person. This is very important especially when there is a child in your house.

A child understands and feels all kinds of emotions going on around them. We may not understand their way of communication but they do try their best to let us know how they feel. A child is the best teacher to show us that communication needs no particular language but an exchange of emotion and trust.

As soon as a child completes a year, Doctors say that, we have to treat them like mini adults and include them in all family food. It means they should be treated like an individual and respect them like anyone else in the family. When this kind of environment is set, a child feels confident and has trust to express how they feel. They will do whatever they feel like without any inhibitions. They feel more open and included in the family.

This pandemic has been a blessing in disguise in some aspects. Isn't it true? How many of us wished that we could spend more time with the kids, or at least be around them so that we could see them play?? Well, you should be careful of what you wish for next time :)

Here, nature has given you an opportunity to do this and we have to try to set up an environment where our child feels happy, comfortable and being loved. These are simple things which do not require any money to be spent.

All they need is your TIME!

Spend it well, happy parenting…


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