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Are you ready to be a Mother?

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

No Mother was ready or will be. You take the journey of motherhood as it comes, you cannot learn motherhood and then plan for a child. You learn through your journey, you grow into a mother along with your child.

Does it mean I should not PLAN for pregnancy?

It does not work like that, you do have to speak with your partner regarding parenting, and when you both want to have a child. Though a woman has to go through a major transformation, it involves two people to produce a child. So, a Father to be is as responsible as a Mother to be. There is no perfect planning methodology for pregnancy or motherhood or parenting. You face it, accept it and learn from it.

Whenever possible, either before marriage, after marriage, or before you plan for your child. There are certain things that you need to discuss and it is good if both parents are aware of the changes a child brings into your life.

Some key points are mentioned below.

  1. Pregnancy involves changes physically and mentally.

  2. A woman needs love, care, and support during her pregnancy. She looks for this in her husband, parents, and friends. It is best not to argue with a pregnant woman during this time :)

  3. Both partners need to put a little effort to spend time with each other. To share how each one feels and what you are going through.

  4. Plans may not work as you expected. Try to face things as they come.

  5. Take care of yourself, only then can you take care of others.

What about an UNPLANNED pregnancy?

Well, if it is unplanned, you are in for a roller coaster ride without the knowledge of the ride. As mentioned earlier, no amount of planning is ever enough for pregnancy, motherhood, and parenting. You face it, accept it and learn from it.

Speak with your doctor, and your partner and share how you feel about it. Sharing may reduce your anxiety, also might reduce your stress. Once you accept it, things may start settling in your mind and you may get comfortable with your pregnancy. Key points remain the same for planned or unplanned pregnancies.

Just because the pregnancy was not planned, does not mean you are not ready, does not mean you start reading all about pregnancy and overload yourself with information. Too much information is like gossiping. We may not know the facts, but have a lot of information to talk about.

Pregnancy - planned or unplanned is a beautiful journey. Take it one step at a time. One moment at a time. Live every moment. Stay healthy stay happy.

Happy Pregnancy!


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