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Neelufer Mulla

I am Neelufer, mama of a really naughty toddler. I am an engineer by profession, a high altitude trekker by passion. A marathon runner. I love decorating my home and my dream is to have a cosy cottage up in the Himalayas.

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My Story

An engineer by profession, a manager by role, I was leading a team in a multinational company when motherhood approached me. 

I endorsed it as a new chapter in my life. I started prepping up for the new life that was delving inside me, I gathered as much information as I could on maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, how to care for the newborn baby, what stuff to buy, what to pack in a hospital bag, literally anything that I could get my hands on.

The day arrived, and I had my little one in my hands, it was the happiest moment of my life, never had i felt so joyous and emotional all at the same time. Then slowly, the reality crept in, by the time we were home from the hospital, it was quite clear to both my husband and me that we were up for a very great challenge of our lives.  

Very soon we were juggling with the house work, his office work, the baby and many more petty tasks at hand. Me or even my health clearly took the backseat.

Well, my perception was that I was a modern woman, well equipped to take care of myself, and pregnancy and having a baby was just one of the phase of my life. I was active throughout my pregnancy, all the reports were normal, so i just wanted to jump back on my feet again. And ofcourse, adding to this were the extensive tasks we had on hand, and we were just by ourselves to deal with it.

It was not until a few weeks later when I was hit with multiple health issues, from being perfectly normal to being overtired with a sore body, having excessive bleeding and pain, strengthlessness overpowered me, literally every part of my body ached, I even developed dark circles around my eyes, I cried over and over, not knowing what was happening to me.

I started looking out for solutions, I approached my healthcare provider, tried talking to friends, searched the internet, bombarded myself with a hell lot of information.

I was not really satisfied with the suggestions and solutions I was being offered, of which mostly were that all this is quite normal and happens to almost every other woman. 

I was a marathon runner, a high altitude trekker, I knew my body, I knew myself, I knew that this was not quite right, something was definitely wrong.


I started looking further, for real answers, I approached Indian Ayurveda experts, reached out to Moroccan postpartum doulas, read about Sanhujoris (Korean postpartum care centres), read about the Chinese 'sit a month', studied postpartum issues faced by women all over the world (not only physical issues but mental issues too) and was surprised to learn that these are real issues and need a real addressal, the statistics are scary, and we need to keep in mind that these stats are just a fraction of the reality as majority of them go unreported.


Well, I eventually found some answers.

I decided to create this blog, to share all the information I have.

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