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Learn about Postnatal Care


Enter Motherhood Confidently

Along with following all your other dreams..

I will be your coach for 2 Hours.

Neelufer Mulla

Founder - New Mother

World's only Program that covers every aspect of a Woman's Health in her Postpartum Period. with a 5 Star rating by every Participant.

What will you learn in this Webinar?

Nutrition - Post Delivery


Newborn Care

Physical Recovery


Relationships after baby


Hair and Skincare

STARTS ON 14th JUNE 2023

(4:00 PM IST)

Language - Basic English

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Who is eligible to join this Online Webinar?

Expecting Mama's in their Second or Third Trimester are eligible to join this online course.

What are the benefits of this Webinar?

  • Right knowledge can give you confidence after you give birth to properly care for your baby and yourself.

  • First Forty Days: After childbirth gives you all the information you need to know and integrates it together so that you can have a positive experience in the initial days of motherhood.

  • The prior knowledge on breastfeeding, right diet and fitness, physical recovery, newborn care helps you to understand your ability and will guide you for proper help.

  • This course will give you confidence to tackle the Fourth Trimester of your pregnancy which is equally important as the other three trimesters and is also the most exciting and beautiful phase of your's and your partner's life.

Existing Customer Testimonials:



🙏 Thanks to for curating the course that covered all the basics I needed, starting from recipes to keep myself healthy to best practices for a better latch. And most importantly the community, where I get to ask my questions, other moms and founders themselves share their experiences. Additionally, the sessions conducted by experts are of great help. One-stop solution to any doubts!



New mother courses touches on many facets of pregnancy and motherhood that is usually overlooked. I found them when I was frantically looking for informations and support available during a tumultuous time to ground myself and my thoughts during pregnancy. They engage in frequent expert online meetings and insta lives which are very helpful. We can ask our doubts to these experts and they don't give any unecessary medical advice over phone or media, but inform us on various sources available that can help. The online support group is also very active. Feels like a community that has the potential to grow more. Kudos to the team behind this.

Dr Rashmi.png

Dr Rashmi

I found New Mother while scrolling through Instagram during last month of my pregnancy and I started following them. I liked their content and joined "First 40 Days: After Childbirth". After going through the program I was mind blown because it is such a holistic approach to the Postpartum days. It covers Physical health, Mental Health, I loved the Relationships section. No doctor can cover all these aspects during consultation.


Meghana a support system for new mothers. They are doing an incredible job by helping mother's in all phases ensuring to provide assistance on postnatal care, parenting, breastfeeding, kids eating, sleep pattern. They have weekly sessions which are raw and real. Gained knowledge on numerous topics for parents, health, and kids. Also, the team is very supportive and transparent to reach them anytime. Thanks and continue the commendable job you both are adding for better health.

As part of surveys, I've spent hours with New Mother's who suffered with multiple physical issues, who felt lost, anxious, stressed - after giving birth. I want to tell you that "you can change this for good for yourself".

When you have the right knowledge and you know how to prepare for your Postpartum Period - you can have a better - happy experience - even in those initial days after Childbirth.

Neelufer Mulla
Founder - New Mother

STARTS ON 14th JUNE 2023

(4:00 PM IST)

Language - Basic English

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New Mother